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PUBLICATION: April 10, 2024                                                 


FT mockup final.png

A battered heart, a drive-by shooting, and a mysterious man on a motorcycle.
Of course I got on the back, what girl wouldn’t?
The fear and excitement on the back of that bike gave me the rush that I’d been craving.
Thankfully, the mysterious man kept his promise and took me to my new friend, Atlas.
Atlas Lawson was exciting, a free spirit, and everything my damaged soul needed.

I spent weeks becoming myself again with him and his friends.
They gave me confidence that I’d been missing, and they flirted with death, just like I did.
Ethan Bradshaw, the kind one who had buried trauma from a past like mine.
Corey Murdock, the grumpy one who wished I didn’t exist the second I walked through his door.
Rio Murdock, the quirky one with zero boundaries or understanding of personal space.

It was all fun and games until the man who ruined my life came looking for me.
Did I mention my father was a murderer with a vendetta against me?
Atlas didn’t have to stress about his friends killing me on the back of their bikes.
Not when my father was likely to beat them to it.


**This is a contemporary reverse harem standalone. It contains M/M content, kidnapping, violence, discussions of SA, adult themes, and four guys on two wheels with the life expectancy of a goldfish.


PUBLICATION: November 10, 2023                                                 


Stardust Mockup.png

I’d spent my entire life trying to act like my powers didn’t exist.
Society claimed we were an abomination, outcasts, and rejects.
They only wanted us when they needed saving from supernatural beasts.

With my powers going haywire I had to move to the one place I’d been avoiding.
My new home among the gifted came with unwanted roomies too.
Everyone’s powers were different, and we all had to learn to work together like fate had planned.

The guys didn’t want me there, making me feel as unwelcome as possible.
I couldn’t believe I was stuck in a house with five guys who hated me.
Well, one wanted me naked and another was sweet, but the other three?
I was going to have to learn to use my powers fast to prove my place in this town.

Welcome to Stardust: Home of the Gifted.

*This is a 180k word paranormal/ urban fantasy reverse harem standalone. It contains supernatural themes and adult content. 


PUBLICATION: May 10, 2023                                                 


DS1 mockup copy.png

Day in and day out.
Every minute like sand in a hour glass, and each one identical to the next.
I teach the science of time, conveying a message of life wasted on a daily basis.
To a bunch of morons.
I didn’t think my sands of time could get any worse.
Until Nicolas De Aragon wandered into my classroom.

I found a class called Horology, and when I learned it had nothing to do with sex, I was disappointed.
The human race has bored me for millennia, and I really thought I stumbled upon a gem.
Without a single lesson in blowjobs, I began to feel the boredom creep back in.
Until Professor X opened his mouth to berate us all.

*This is a 21k M/M vampire romance and contains adult content. 
It was previously published in the Chronicles of the Damned anthology.

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