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From the Ashes Series 

Standalone series


PUBLICATION: JUNE 10, 2022                                                  

King of Carnage mockup.png


This town knows who runs the streets.

With the cops on the payroll and my family literally getting away with murder, it’s obvious.

My parents built a goddamn empire.


I run the local college and the racetrack with my siblings.

No one crosses us, they wouldn’t dare.

Everyone knows I don’t hesitate when it comes to my blade.


Problem is, things are about to crumble at my feet.

What do you do when your best friend is the one to cross you?

Especially when it’s your adopted brother.


In this life of fast cars and power, family means everything to me.

He ripped my heart out with his fist, and I’ll destroy him just as much as he destroyed me.

Maddox is about to learn just how dangerous I really am.


I can’t let him weaken me, I already have Jett knocking my walls down a little at a time.

My dads would kill me if they knew what was about to happen under their roof.

I know it seems wrong but if I can’t have Maddox, no one can.

I’ll kill any other girl who tries.


My name’s Beckett Donovan, and I take after my mother.

I never really did play by the rules.

**This is an MFM dark romance story between Beckett, Maddox, and Jett. This is written as a standalone, but for the best reading experience to get more of an understand on this family, I suggest starting with the Watch Me Burn series which is their parents stories. Please note: Beckett and Maddox have been raised as siblings, but there is NO blood relation between them.**  


PUBLICATION: November 9, 2022                                                     


Pretty Little Psycho mockup.png

Growing up in a big family means things slip through the cracks.

My parents have never made me feel unwanted or unloved, but we aren’t always honest.

After all, they run the most notorious street crews in Ashburn Valley.


When their enemies took my brother’s life, everything changed.

We all coped differently, and no one would understand my need for taunting death.

They can’t find out I’ve been racing illegally on the streets instead of the track.


My mom and I are close, and she’s always supported my decisions.

It was no surprise to anyone when I came out as gay, and she said she’d always known.

I guess she can’t judge me since I have nine dads.


My best friend Luna Hendricks is the hottest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Everyone says I’m breaking my own heart, but I can’t seem to let her go.

She doesn’t seem so straight when I finally get her under me and she begs for more.

No wonder her boyfriend hates me.


My name’s Riley Donovan, and I’m in love with my best friend.

Even I know good girls are bad girls that never got caught.

*This is a 150k word F/F, college aged, friends to lovers, dark romance. This book can be read as a standalone, but for the best reading experience I suggest reading the series in order. This is Riley and Luna's story and it can be read as a standalone but I suggest reading the series in order for the best reading experience.


PUBLICATION: August 10, 2024                                                 


POP Website mockup.png

I’m out of control, spiraling without a care in the world.

I hear what people say about me, that I’m only good for one thing.

I’ve always been the girl that everyone’s had but nobody wants.


I enjoy sex and pain.

It drowns out the loneliness and gives me a few minutes of peace.

I never thought anyone would understand my need to hurt.

That was until the Prince of Ashburn Valley started to self-destruct too.


Ryder Donovan is the Devil in disguise, and I’ll do anything to make him break me.

I get off on the pain that he’s willing to give, craving the next time the moment he leaves.

It’s hard to hurt someone who’s numb though, and we both know this is a dangerous game.


Once I help him surrender to the darkness, we can’t pull ourselves out.

He stops trying to control his monsters, while I let them swallow me whole.

We’re just two damaged souls who were doomed from the start.


My name’s Tempest Hendricks, and I thrive on toxic love.

I guess it’s true that misery loves company.


*This is a 100k word M/F, dark romance, interconnected standalone. It is book 3 in the From the Ashes standalone series. For the best reading experience, I suggest reading the series in order. It contains content such as self-harm/suicide attempts, substance abuse, physical altercations between the FMC and MMC, violence, adult themes, and other dark content. 


PUBLICATION: TBA                                                  


Pray for Sin mockup Temp.png


*This is Zane Evans and Harlow Leary's story.

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