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Prince of Pain

Book 3, From the Ashes series

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Full Throttle

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Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

No Honor Among Thieves

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Book 1, The Night Thieves Duet


Everyone assumes rich girls are spoiled brats.
They don’t see us locked in our towers, being kept as pawns and nothing more.
I’ve spent my life being caged, hidden from society to avoid shaming my father.
I always knew the day would come that he’d try to marry me off in a business deal.
His plans are ruined when he finds out I’ve been sneaking out and I’m not as pure as he thought.
Then the Night Thieves chose my house to rob, kidnapping me in the process.

Cruz and Drake are my saviors, while Stone and Knox might be the death of me.
I have to prove to them that I’m not the spoiled princess that they think I am.
Even if that means getting my hands dirty in the process.
Just when I think my life is in my control, I’m being hunted.
My father should’ve been glad to be rid of me, but I was wrong.

I thought I was safe in the thieves' compound, but I was dead wrong.
It turns out the biggest monster had been with me this whole time.
Bruises I can handle, but not betrayal, and this one cuts deep.
I guess there really is no honor among thieves after all.

*This is a dark reverse harem story and is book 1 in The Night Thieves duet. It must be read in order. It contains dub con, kidnapping, and dark adult themes. There is MM within the harem.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Stardust: Home of the Gifted

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I’d spent my entire life trying to act like my powers didn’t exist.
Society claimed we were an abomination, outcasts, and rejects.
They only wanted us when they needed saving from supernatural beasts.

With my powers going haywire I had to move to the one place I’d been avoiding.
My new home among the gifted came with unwanted roomies too.
Everyone’s powers were different, and we all had to learn to work together like fate had planned.

The guys didn’t want me there, making me feel as unwelcome as possible.
I couldn’t believe I was stuck in a house with five guys who hated me.
Well, one wanted me naked and another was sweet, but the other three?
I was going to have to learn to use my powers fast to prove my place in this town.

Welcome to Stardust: Home of the Gifted.

*This is a 182k word paranormal/ urban fantasy reverse harem standalone. It contains supernatural themes and adult content, including MM.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

King of Carnage

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Book 1, From the Ashes series


This town knows who runs the streets.
With the cops on the payroll and my family literally getting away with murder, it’s obvious.
My parents built a goddamn empire.

I run the local college and the racetrack with my siblings.
No one crosses us, they wouldn’t dare.
Everyone knows I don’t hesitate when it comes to my blade.

Problem is, things are about to crumble at my feet.
What do you do when your best friend is the one to cross you?
Especially when it’s your adopted brother.

In this life of fast cars and power, family means everything to me.
He ripped my heart out with his fist, and I’ll destroy him just as much as he destroyed me.
Maddox is about to learn just how dangerous I really am.

I can’t let him weaken me, I already have Jett knocking my walls down a little at a time.
My dads would kill me if they knew what was about to happen under their roof.
I know it seems wrong but if I can’t have Maddox, no one can.
I’ll kill any other girl who tries.

My name’s Beckett Donovan, and I take after my mother.
I never really did play by the rules.

*This is a 120k word dark MFM romance in a connected standalone series. It contains violence and adult content. Please advise, Maddox and Beckett grew up as siblings but share no blood relation. 

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