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Signed copy of Book 5 in the Watch Me Burn Series



Over a year ago, my only real friend allowed her boyfriend to come for me.

I’d only played a joke on him, but I almost paid for it with my life.

Broken bones healed, but our friendship was gone.

Aurora Donovan was dead to me.


My boyfriend Stevo is an abusive junkie, but I can’t leave.

He’d kill me if I even thought about it.

No one knows the danger I’m in, until Alex finds me beaten and bloody.


I never expected him to become so important to me, which complicates things.

His best friend is my ex-stepbrother who murdered my dad five years ago.

I’ve avoided them both like the plague, refusing to let them close.

Not that either of them seemed to get the memo.


I’m spiralling, and I don’t even know myself anymore.

Everyone has a breaking point, but I never thought I’d be pushed to mine.

I’m no better than the people I’ve spent years hating.


Violence is never the answer, but I don’t have a choice.

The Reapers of Chaos crew are one thing, but the Shadow Kings crew are another.

I never thought I’d have to lean on the Psychos or Devils for help.


My name’s Jade Winters, and I’ve been keeping secrets.

But it turns out I’m not the only one.


* Perfectly Jaded is a 120k word dark MFM romance and contains detailed domestic violence and rape scenes. The abuse is not caused by either of the two main male leads. This is Jade, Harley, and Alex's story but it follows from the end of Ignite Me. This is NOT a standalone and must be read in order.

Perfectly Jaded, Watch Me Burn Book 5

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