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Signed copy of book 2 in the Dreary Shadows series.



Dreary Shadows is like a coffin, slowly suffocating me as my battered heart tries to heal.

The Shadow Brothers ripped my heart out when they vanished, and I was slowly dying with each passing day.

I wasn’t being dramatic, I was actually dying.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re bonded to a vampire who bails on you.


When two new vampires come to town, it’s no surprise.

Many have passed through to drain me for my magical blood, but these two are different.

One is sweet, the other completely insane.

Nothing could make the Shadow Brothers come home faster, quite like sensing me being fed on.


The truth of my past has come back to smack me in the face with full force, surrounding us with new challenges and enemies.

My mother graces me with her unwanted presence, I go from one blood bond to four, and my powers are more of a hazard than a gift.

The scary part? This is only the beginning.


*This is a 56k word vampire reverse harem book and it is part 2 out of 4. It must be read in order. It contains adult content and supernatural themes.

Dreary Shadows Part Two

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