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Signed copy of Book 6 in the Watch Me Burn Series



Everything I’ve ever known has been a lie.
From my family history, to the very reason I ended up on the streets as a kid.
There was only one person I ever trusted completely.
I’ll never trust him again.

Archer Hendricks is everything I despise and crave.
I’ve never loved and hated someone so much in my entire life.
Too bad my heart didn’t get the memo that he’s the devil.

Archer’s not the young boy I fell in love with when I was a child.
He’s the leader of the Reapers of Chaos crew, and he only sees me as a possession.
He doesn’t love me, he just doesn’t want Axel to have me, and he’s keeping secrets.

I’m going to set everything of his on fire and watch the docks burn at my feet.
I know Rory and Jade will stand beside me while we watch the smoke billow into the night sky.
I just hope I can stand my ground and forget he was ever a part of my soul.

My friendships are fragile and I’m starting to break.
I’ve learned to only rely on myself no matter what, but it might push me over the edge.
Especially if the Shadow Kings get their hands on me.
I’m a dead woman walking.

My name’s Lexi Bryant, and I never claimed to be good.
I’m about to wreak havoc on the only man I’ve ever loved.

*This is a 110k MF dark romance. It contains scenes of rape and abuse, and fertility/miscarriage. This is Lexi and Archer's story and it follows from the end of Perfectly Jaded. This is NOT a standalone and it must be read in order.

Don't Fear The Reaper, Watch Me Burn Book 6

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