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Signed copy (By R.E. Bond only) of book 2 in the Reaped series.



The Reaper is out for blood,
How fast can you run?
You’ve taken something that isn’t yours,
When will you learn?
There’s nowhere you can hide,
What choice do you have?
She can smell your fear,
Who can help you now?
You can’t avoid the scythe,
Why do you even try?

Family is who you make it and I’ve discovered blood means nothing,
Not unless I’ve slipped my blade into flesh and drawn my scythe with it.
Just when things were starting to look up and all the pieces of my fucked up life were coming together,
I’m once again thrusted into a war and this time I’m taking no prisoners.
This is it, the final showdown,
My scythe is sharpened and my boys are by my side.
We might just find ourselves dead,
But not before I’ve drawn my scythe on every one of our enemies’ foreheads.

Claiming the Reaper, Reaped book 2