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Signed copy of Book 3 in the Watch Me Burn Series



I’m damaged.
I’ve been through too much in my eighteen years.
Between joining the Bloody Psychos and mourning my best friend,
I’m going a little crazy.

If the enemy is no longer the enemy, you can jump in bed with them, right?
You’d think I’d be happy with five guys in my life, but I can’t control myself.
What can I say? Bad boys are my weakness.

The Bloody Psychos and the Devil’s Armada have my back, but now I need to have theirs.
Sacrifices must be made to keep them safe, and I’ll do anything.
Even sell my soul to a monster.

The only person I’ll be able to rely on is myself.
Deceiving everyone I love is the only way this can go.
I just wish they’d let me go without a fight.

I’m going downhill fast, and no one can save me.
In destroying everyone around me, I’ll destroy myself too.
Nothing can compare to the emotional pain of hurting the ones you love.

This can only end bloody.
I just never expected the one holding the gun would be my guardian angel.

*Beautiful Deceit is a 72k word dark romance reverse harem novel. This is the third book in the series and it must be read in order. The first four books are Rory's, and the harem grows over those books, so other guys will be added as the story goes. The series contains dark content such as abuse and rape. It also has slow burn m/m scenes throughout. If you are triggered by sensitive content or cursing, this series is not for you.

Beautiful Deceit, Watch Me Burn Book 3

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